I want to create a new table per domain for table "users_roles".
I do have an array of prefixes in settings.php with also an prefix for "default"

It starts like

$db_prefix = array(
   'default'   => 'crm_',
   'civicrm_relationship' => '',
   'civicrm_contact' => '',

The following table for the 2nd domain is created:
But the prefix array created in the domain_prefix module contains

#1 domain_prefix.patch295 bytescatorghans
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295 bytes

I have a patch.
It checks if a 'default' exists or if that same table exists in the prefix array and adds their values.
Don't forget: this is for drupal 6

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Status: Active » Needs work

Patch is malformed. See http://drupal.org/patch/create