hi guys,

work this module also with memcached?

and will the use of both make the site faster or will it slow down the memcached module?




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Title: work this module also with memcached? » Compatible with Memcache module?
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Do you mean whether it works with the Memcache module? I have no personal experience of that module but it looks like it patches Drupal's caching, meaning that you can only use Boost or Memcache, but not both at the same time.

(If you meant whether Memcached support could be added to Boost, then no, that won't happen.)

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hm so if this is true, it means memcache will be good for membersites and boost only for guest sites...

thanks for the info



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boost works just fine with memcache. they both patch a lot of stuff involving caching, but their respective changes do not conflict.

i'm using both successfully on a rather large site.

if both are installed it's that case that boost will only affect anonymous users, and memcache will only affect logged in users. this is because boost disables the use of cache_page altogether. without boost, memcache would cache pages.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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this configuration of yours definitely deserves a write-up.
I am extremely curious how exactly you made the two work together and what came out of it.

Pretty please?


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i didn't do anything special. installed boost. installed memcache. they seem to work together nicely.

boost disables Drupal's use of cache_page, but otherwise does not interfere with the rest of core caching afaict.

memcache doesn't seem to have any issues with boost, and if you use any other contrib cache modules (like advcache, which is compatible with memcache after a little hacking) or write your own caching for anything, it works around boost just fine.

are you having any problems getting them to work together?

my configuration is:

  • boost (incl. my patch to cache URLs with query strings and some modifications to the htaccess to allow the browser to cache images and other static files)
  • memcache, using memcache.inc
  • advcache, hacked to work with memcache (memcache handles serialization internally, so calls to serialize need to be removed from advcache and any other contrib modules that provide caching of serialized objects - eg. cck and views. memcache handles this for core caching in its patch files)
  • some custom code for comment and forum caching with advcache (i have issues open for these, and the comment code is probably worth looking at as it fixes some bugs in current release)

our site has a high ratio of logged-in to anonymous users, and we've found that memcache+advcache provides an enormous performance increase, and takes lots of load off the database.

likewise, boost makes things fly for anonymous users. taking both mysql and php out of the anonymous caching equation is a huge win.

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Thank you firebus!

I have not had any problems yet, but I am sure I can mess things up if I try hard enough :-D
advcache with memcache technique sounds really intriguing (I am about to build a site with heavy membership focus) - thank you for mentioning the serialization issue!


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O^^thx very much , does drupal6 support too^

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Just linking this up w/my own observations:


The short answer seems to be "yes, they're compatible." And in fact, they make a nice blend!

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