Good moornig,

i installed a newsletter module and the requirment modules.
Everything works fine except that I can not view the statistics. I can send and receive email newsletters, but after having them shipped I have no reference in the table statistics. Can you help?

Thank you in advanced and Best regards

newsletter_issue.JPG76.62 KBvedsto dev
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hmm thats really weird..i am at loss..what about if you send an automated or manual newsletter?

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I have the exact same issue - With Manual q Auto.

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Are there any updates on this issue, I've installed the Newsletter Module too, the core sending/recieving functions are working correctly and emails are going out, but I'm not get anything on the statistics page. Anything I'm perhaps missing or not aware of?

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Exactly the same here. I also installed the jQPlot library and no statistics are shown.
Only the message: "No newsletters sent yet."

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same issue here

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I have the same issue, and the reason I installed this module was to track open and CTR!

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I have the same issue, any updates on this issue?

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same issue any update on this