The slideshow is not functioning properly anymore. It is now showing the 3 images separately vertically on the page instead of the slideshow. If I re-save the gallery it works properly for a while and then reverts back to the multiple image display.


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This appears to be very browser dependant. It is worst in Firefox. Works mostly fine in chrome, safarti, IE, and opera, but still changes to multiple image display after longer time.

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Hi bhans,

This is probably related to media-nivo-slider and how it attaches its necessary javascript and css relative to block caching. We are currently in the process of switching over to the 2.x branch of media-nivo-slider where this issue has been resolved. You can see the full details here #1788202: javascript & css not loaded in some cases with cached block. I suppose that patch could be backported to 1.x, but we have been wanting to move to 2.x for a while anyway so we are focusing our efforts on that. We would be more than happy to include a 1.x version of that patch in the interim but we won't be doing that ourselves.

The julio issue tracking the media nivo slider upgrade to 2.x is here #1679904: update media-nivo-slider to recommended 2.0 release, I think we have one blocker on that being the lack of exportability for media slider configurations.

Closing as duplicate as this is a known issue for media-nivo-slider and we have #1679904: update media-nivo-slider to recommended 2.0 release tracking the upgrade.