At least in the next major release, the domain-specific admin paths should better reflect the domain they refer to, including the machine-name of the domain instead of the numeric ID.
'admin/structure/domain/view/1/config' is far less informative than 'admin/structure/domain/view/mydomain_org/config'.

Apart from that, the current paths seem unnecessarily long and a bit confusing.
Why is it 'admin/structure/domain/view/1' (for editing!) and 'admin/structure/domain/view/1/config', when the more straightforward and consistent way would be 'admin/structure/domain/1/edit' resp. 'admin/structure/domain/1/config'.

Taken together, I'd propose to use 'admin/structure/domain/mydomain_org/edit' resp. 'admin/structure/domain/mydomain_org/config' as admin paths.


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The 'view' is to avoid potential conflicts with other admin paths used by the module. Imagine changing to machine_names and giving a domain the machine name of "roles". Hilarity ensues.

Agree on the machine_names, though. Patch welcome.

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