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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

The Shimshock Group is an online interaction consultancy focused on helping our clients maximize their customer relationships through sales, marketing, and technology initiatives.

Our services revolve around the six areas core to online success:

We offer a rigorous methodology, deep experience building business solutions, and a proven track record of enhancing clients' products and services. Our team helps organizations integrate strategies, processes, and advanced technology, and ensures solutions meet company needs, success metrics, and customer expectations.

Our consultants provide a unique mix of the innovation and creativity that exists in startups, with the knowledge and business savvy found in big corporations. Many members of our team have worked at large consulting firms providing services to Fortune 500 companies, while others have experience as entrepreneurs and leaders of start-up businesses. Some have done both.

This wide spectrum of skills allows us to share with clients the key traits which make big organizations successful, while providing the nimbleness and agility necessary to meet the demands of startups, emerging businesses, and non-profit organizations. We are smart, creative and technologically adept. We're not just technologists buried in computers; we are creative business minds that see the big picture, while understanding the technical details.

We have shared our expertise with groups ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to innovative startups. Whether you are an inspirational thought leader, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a corporation seeking to shape the future, we can help.

We always focus on four key items in our services:

  • Quality - we are always thoughtful and diligent in our work.
  • Partnership - we treat a client's business as though it was our own.
  • Quickness - for growing businesses, quick answers are everything.
  • Expertise - we bring bright minds that can think outside of well-worn boxes.

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to provide top-notch expertise, exceptional service and bright ideas. Learn more about our experiences by reviewing our recent projects, case studies, and client testimonials.

Drupal contributions

The Shimshock Group has been an active contributor to the Drupal community for over 7 years.

We quickly realized the potential of the growing open source movement in the early 2000s, and in particular the progress of Drupal. We decided to join the Drupal community in 2007 to collaborate, contribute, and help the project continue to grow. Since then we have been extremely proactive in posting feedback and patches to for a wide range of modules, most notably those in areas such as ecommerce, geolocation, groups, and media. We also regularly respond to open issues to help others who need guidance.

A sampling of Drupal modules where we have provided consistent expertise and interaction include:

As well, the Shimshock Group is a vocal supporter of the Drupal platform. Team members participate in local meetups and camps, and we actively share best practices with all of our clients and client developers. We are committed to helping make Drupal the best content management solution in the world.