Hello I am trying to change the counter from days/hours/mins/secs to hours/mins/secs.
Has anyone successfully made this change? Which files handle the counter?


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It's the node--deal.tpl.php file in the /profiles/opendeals/themes/opendeals_theme folder. Around line 182, you should remove the echo t('Days').

I would recommend though that before making this or any other change to the theme, you create a subtheme first. You can learn how to create a subtheme here: http://drupal.org/node/225125

I hope that helps you accomplish what you want.

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Thanks but that actually disables the days field. I want to multiply the number of days with the hours so I can have it like this
instead of 1 day 5 hours 50 mins 30 secs I want to convert that to 29 hours 50 mins 30 secs

I have read about subtheming but I actually found it far more easier to modify the original template and just keep on backing up the theme.

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In fact, besides line 182, the actual value is printed from line 175:

<li<?php echo $nodays?' class="disabled"':'';?>>%days%</li>

You have to remove both of them.

In order to convert days in hours, you should multiply days with 24 and add the remaining hours. All this logic is at lines 164-185.

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