Maybe this is a duplicate of #607918: Combination with AES Module but I think it would be great to separate the code related to storing the encrypted password from the rest of the module.

I'm looking for an encryption module but, given the nature of that need, do not want unnecessary code in the module/site. It would be great if I could install a module that just provided encryption that seems great.


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I also support this feature. I like AES since it seems to be most advanced. The password viewing feature was first a no go for me, but at least I could disable it. If it would not directly in the main module I would really prefer it.


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Parent issue: » #2228373: [meta] Port the AES module to Drupal 8

Password functionality will be removed from the main module in 8.x-2.x

Anyone is welcome to implement this functionality in dependent module aes_password or similar.