Had a slight issue that I didn't notice on #1440094: Blocks that vary per page do not render correctly

I got parts to work back then with correct post links but missed another part that showed up today.

Items like forms use request_uri() which in turn pulls off $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to generate the POST address not $_GET['q'] so adding another override.

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Patch for 6 under -dev

Easy enough to put on 7x as well

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Thanks for the patch; a slightly modified version has been committed. Allows for this to be turned on; default is off.

  • mikeytown2 committed 3bfac1c on 6.x-2.x authored by cmlara
    Issue #1761396 by cmlara, mikeytown2: ESI Does not override ['...

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.