Hi, I'm using corolla with superfish. When I select a parent's child, the parents text is not visible in the menu because the font color is the same as the background color. If the background color is set to a custom darker color, it seems fine, so this is probably just an issue with the premade color schemes included in the themes. Example attached.

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I have this problem, too.
Any solutions?


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Same here. I might have to step back to 7.2

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I solved it.
Find color.css in corola/color and add the code below

.sf-menu.sf-style-default li a,
.sf-menu.sf-style-default li a:active {
  color: #e25402;

Let me know, if it didn't work.

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I have the same problem but only in the second child item. Example; Parent >> Child1 >> Child2, When I select Child 2, the tab is the same color as the text but not on Child1.

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I can confirm this issue when viewing children of a book parent page which has a menu link. The workaround in comment #3 doesn't appear to work for me, but I may not be testing it correctly.

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Hmmm, seems like a pretty bad over-site/bug, better fix this el pronto!

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I have this problem too. I have a parent item named Practice Areas (in main menu) when I select any of its child/sub-menu item then both the color of text and background of the active parent menu item becomes white making it invisible. I am having this problem with supefish module. One of the superfish block showing main menu items is placed in the menu-bar region. The style selected for the superfish block is default (style-none does not work). Screenshot attached.

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I think this is related to the fact that the "active-trail" in superfish is not working correctly in 7.X-3
When active trail works, the background and text of the active menu get inverted.
7.X-2 was working well in that respect.

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I've been having this same issue with superfish and corolla (I think) and unable to resolve it. I'm using an AT subtheme based on Corolla (created using footheme.) I have customized the colors of the theme using the settings UI. My development site is here http://www.detroitwebforge.com/considering-surgery and I've attached a few screenshots. They show the active trail for level 1 menu items fine, but then a blank menu when a level 2 menu item is selected.

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No news about this?
I was not successful in finding a solution.

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Problem is I keep thinking I've fixed it when I havent, i.e too busy to remember if I fixed it or not :/ Will leave this tab open in my browser as constant and annoying reminder to fix this.

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Thank you for your support Jeff.
If you find some temporary workaround please let us know.

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Category: bug » support

OK, so I am going to change this to a support request... because after much testing and analyzing of code I can clearly see there is no problem with the theme (in terms of code), the issue has to be that the active trail classes are, in some instances, not applied to to the parent when a child link is active.

That is how the CSS expects this to work, let me explain...

By default the links are a light color:

.sf-menu.sf-style-default li a,
.sf-menu.sf-style-default li a:visited {
  color: #fcfcfc;

#fcfcfc is a very pale off-white color. Because the dominating colors in the menu (the backgrounds) are all dark we use this light color for the links. Remember the colors I am talking about are the default colors - what you choose can be substituted for these in this example - in short it makes no difference.

When a parent link is active (you clicked it or one of its children/sub items) the background becomes #fcfcfc and the link a dark color, the reverse of the normal state:

.sf-menu.sf-style-default .active-trail.sf-depth-1,
.sf-menu.sf-style-default .sf-depth-1 > a.active {
  color: #2e2e2d;
  background-color: transparent;

#2e2e2d is a dark gray and is the background color for the Menu bar.

The above code is designed to affect both the li (list item) and the link, and it's crucial that Drupal or Superfish add the active trail classes so this can work.

In some of the example sites I can see the active trail classes working and there are no issues: http://www.detroitwebforge.com/considering-surgery

So, therefor I have to assume this is one of the following:

1. A browser issue, in which case I need to exact browser version.
2. A Superfish module issue.
3. Something else in Drupal core that is messing with active classes.
4. The way the menu has been built does not allow for Drupal or Superfish to build an active trail.

So far only schuster211 has linked to a site as an example and on that site I can't reproduce this - links to sites and browser reports are pretty important.

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Sorry for the previous lack of details


I have the issue on
Internet Explorer 8,9
Firefox 17.0
Chrome 23.0.1271.64 m

I could give you admin right if you want to check its only my dev environment anyway

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x1d - I can see active classes are not being applied as per usual (they are missing from parent links), we can tweak the CSS to account for this and it should work OK.

I'll commit something shortly and you can test it out, should be ready in 24 hours for download as the dev version. This might be something to do with the multilingual system.

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OK, I have committted it, you can test it out by adding this to colors.css at the end or replacing the code block around line 126:

.sf-menu.sf-style-default .active-trail > a.sf-depth-1,
.sf-menu.sf-style-default .sf-depth-1 > a.active {
  color: #2e2e2d;
  background-color: transparent;

Normally it takes about 24 hours to rebuild the dev version, so give it a bit or do the change then save the theme settings to rewrite the generated color css file.

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Its working great on all browsers
Thank you again for your time Jeff

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heads-up reminder:

I just loaded the current DEV version

it appears this correction did not make it over there


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I changed the colors.css as shown in #16 - but then it gets worse.
I have the same problem as in the descriptions above, adding the code of #16 sets the color of the active menu item text to white already when the site is loaded.

Did you have any news here?
Thanks in advance

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Same issue here. Have tried the fix in #16 by adding it to the end of color.css but it has no effect.

Site: www.karkades.com

Clicking on one of the "Groups" sub-menu items causes the parent item's text to turn white, making it invisible due to the white background. Tested in both Chrome and Firefox (latest versions). Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

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Update on #19:
It's mostly working now. When I filed the prior report I was using the 7.x-3.0-rc1 version of Corolla.

So I replaced all of the theme files with the latest dev version files. I then refreshed the browser (I have no caching enabled on my site yet, if that matters) and tried it and the issue was still there.

So then I went into the Appearance > Settings for the theme and noticed the 'Base' color set to white, so I changed it to #cccccc to see what it did. No effect - issue with the superfish parent item still there. So then I went back and changed the base color back to white (#ffffff), saved it and then went back and sure enough the problem was solved.

The little down-arrow that appears for parent items is still not visible (i.e., rendering as white on white), but I can live with that.

No idea what fixed it. But it's working! : )

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ok, to finish this:
I really don't know what I did wrong while changing the code like Jeff told in #16, because this is (of course, thank you Jeff) the solution. It is the only change in colors.css of the dev version compared to rc1.
So if somebody just wants to check it is possible just to replace colors.css and keeping the rest of rc1 - though this might be not a good idea in general ;-)

Maybe it is a problem to put the code of #16 at the end and not replacing the block around line 126?

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I am using Corolla 7.x-3.0-rc1 with Superfish and had the same issue (using chrome).
I replaced the code as mentioned in #16, cleared my browser cache and it works like a charm!

Thx for your work Jeff :)

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#23, great, I think shortly I will go for a release of all the projects including Corolla, so this fix is included in the normal stable version after the next release.

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I went into the settings menu for Corolla to change my favicon and apparently it reversed the changes I had made to colors.css, I did a bit more testing and this happens whenever something is changed through settings of the theme.

not sure if that has to do with how Drupal processes the settings and is thus automatically fixed once the fix is officially released (this is my first drupal adventure :) )

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Tweetster - yes, that is exactly how Drupal works. You can't edit the generated version of colors,css, it will simply get overwritten the next time you save the theme settings. In fact you should always treat all files in sites/all/default/files as volatile.

The fix in #16 is meant for the colors.css file in corolla theme.