Site Name: British Peripheral Nerve Society
Slogan: Founded 2003
Logo: Drupal default
Site name case : Normal

With a large viewport, the Site Name wraps after "Nerve". It seems to only use 50% of the horizontal space. It appears unpleasantly near the bottom of the coloured site header and the slogan disappears.

Turning off the logo or using Small Caps for the Site Name Case gives the correct display in the large viewport. However using or reducing the viewport width in Firefox shows that errors occur in all these situtations at various sizes.

1) I don't want a header image so for long titles the full width could be used.
2) I think the font size part of the responsiveness needs tweaking. First time I have used a responsive theme so that's a guess.

Pixture_Reloaded_Error.png29.25 KBAFowle
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Category: bug » feature
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@Jeff Burnz

I'm not sure why you found it necessary to declare this a feature request rather than a bug report, but I'm not going to argue with the module maintainer.

I shall just point out that both Responsive Bartik (to which you contributed) and Zen v5 wrap titles as I expected. I liked the AT themes but now feel irritated and Zen seems to be the project in which to invest my time.

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Its a feature because its more a change in design rather than a bug, i.e. its just the way it was designed to work. Everything is a compromize in themes and especially so in generic responsive themes, so a design decision gets made based on various parameters - complexity of code, time, likeliness to cause unforeseen issues and many others.

I changed this to feature request because I have long thought this to be a bad design decision and should work better - time is the enemy here and crafting a much better solution likely requires more complexity, for example in how the theme handles header region content, maybe not, it just depends.

Please don't be irritated, but if you wish to use Zen then that should be a project requirements decision, not based on irritation or personal sentiment, but rather driven by project parameters.

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My tipp:
Add to your css-file:

#branding {
  width: 90%;

Good luck!

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Seems this is resolved with some suggestions for user customization.