I have configured the standard CKEditor "Advanced" profile to be used by default for filtered HTML fields and have exported this (and other) configuration into a feature. During module installation, the correct settings are stored in the database. Right after, though, the setting is removed from the database, due to ckeditor_profile_features_rebuild (see also issue 1504398). From a features point of view, this is unexpected behaviour. It would be great if this issue can be solved in a way that solves both 1504398 and still allows me to just export CKEditor profiles in a feature.

#3 ckeditor_features_export-1747838-3.patch713 bytesls206
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Sorry for the bump, but there has been no activity surrounding this issue, so I was wondering if anyone has given this any thought?

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In latest time we were focused on adding support to CKEditor 4 version. So there is no news about this ticket. If something change we will wrote here.

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I have noticed that the input formats associated with ckeditor profiles aren't exported correctly. This might be the same issue that the OP has experienced.

I have attached the patch from the latest 7.x-1.x branch.

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Huh, that patch doesn't look right solution. Features doesn't care what the visible name of a component is in pipe. Not looking at the pipe code atm though

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Indeed the patch is not necessary. This issue was filed against 7.x-1.9 but now it is 7.x-1.13. I think the only minor bug is #2150823: Features: ckeditor should likely not be exported the visible name of the format it's assigned to.