I'm using mollom with drupal few years. Recently, mollom could not blocked some spams on nodes.
Comment spams are blocked nicely. Thanks. But some node spams passed mollom filtering.

So. When delete nodes individually, mollom shows 'report mollom' form.
But, in admin node page, when delete spam nodes by bulk operations, mollom does not show report form.

Comment deletion works what i expected. I want to same work on node bulk operations.
Thanks for reading.

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742 bytes
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I made a patch for this. A page callback of 'admin/content' is 'node_admin_content' function. But, this function calls 'node_multiple_delete_confirm' directly. So, mollom_form_node_multiple_delete_confirm_alter was not called and mollom feedback form of node deletion was not shown. (form id is still 'node_admin_content').

I added workaround code and post this patch.

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Sorry for my late reply! + Thanks for the patch!

This bug was, in fact, fixed in the last or second to last stable release already. (but I can't remember/find the issue)

Therefore, all you need to do is to update to the latest stable release. :)