I'm seeking clarification for the upgrade process of Drupal 6 to 7, particularly when upgrading the token module.

The current documentation here, http://drupal.org/node/570162, indicates that we should disable contrib modules in step 6, and uninstall modules you will no longer need.

I understand much of the Drupal 6 Token functionality was moved into core, and Drupal 7 Token simply fills in some gaps. As a result, any use of tokens will need to be reconfigured in the upgraded Drupal 7. However, does the Drupal 7 Token module use the same variables, does it remove older Drupal 6 variables on upgrade, etc?

Simply, should the token module be uninstalled before upgrading?

Thanks, Jason.


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I see when enabling the Drupal 7 token module, there are updates.

7000 - Add the cache_token table.
7001 - Deprecate and disable the token_actions module.

Update Message
Update #7001
The Token actions module has been deprecated by the updated system module actions that support tokens.

With this information, I conclude that would not uninstall the token module from the Drupal 6 installation prior to upgrade, is that correct?

Thanks, Jason.

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