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OG-vocab module allows creating a relation between a taxonomy-vocabulary and a group.

Patches needed

Related patches (but not required)


  1. Create a new content type that is a group (e.g. “School”), and one that is a group-content (e.g. “Post” ) og1 3.37.05 PM.jpg
  2. Add the "OG vocabulary" field under admin/config/group/fields (select from bundles: Post, fields: OG vocabulary) og2 3.37.05 PM.jpg
  3. Create a new school node
  4. Under the “Group” tab, click on the new “Taxonomy” link og3 3.37.05 PM.jpg
  5. Add a new vocabulary. Note that OG-vocab scanned all the group-content that can reference our current group, showing you a checkbox next to each content type - in our case “Post”
  6. Enabling the checkbox reveals the configuration, which allows you to set the widget-type, whether the widget should be required, and the amount of items allowed og4 3.37.05 PM.jpg
  7. Add a few terms
  8. at admin/structure/types/manage/post/fields/og_vocabulary, change the OG Vocabulary field settings target type to Taxonomy Term from OG Vocabulary. Leave all target bundles unchecked.
  9. Create a new “Post” node (node/add/post) and notice the new widget(s) added og5 3.37.05 PM.jpg
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