This might be a problem with my setup but hoping there is a workaround.

If I have some local apps (using a and declarations in the .info file) that are stored in /profiles/"profile_name"/modules/apps as assembled by drush make. The apps module has problems detecting images from that file location. Is the only way to get apps to detect these images by completely chmod 777 the directories? Was hoping I was doing something wrong and that chmod is not required. for an example local app:

name = WetKit Widgets
description = Integrates WetKit Widgets into Drupal.
machine_name = wetkit_widgets
version = 1.0-beta5
downloadable = wetkit_widgets 7.x-1.0-beta5
screenshots[] = wetkit_widgets_screenshot.png
logo = wetkit_widgets_logo.png

.info file for an example local app:

apps[server][] = local
apps[manifests][] = app/

Hopefully i am explaining this right, please let me know if require more information. ^_^


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