Now that we have a lovely responsive layout designer, we need to make sure this works on the front-end as well.

Current designs are attached.

This work will take place in the Layout module issue queue, with this issue to act as a listing of dependent sub-issues.

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Our current solution for this is with the Panels IPE, which is definitely different. We will need to figure out what does the IPE do to make all the changes. As for the design, I see some issues:

- we don't use the "layout family" terminology elsewhere, we call these "layouts" at other places
- I don't understand the "current region" feature, what would that do?
- we don't have any provisions currently to add regions on the fly to layouts on the frontend, and especially not to edit layouts, so not sure what would that do
- not sure its best to have the "layout families" with these icons, since we cannot generate icons based on real layouts, so all would have the same three icons anyway, is that valuable still?
- how would "view all layout families" work?
- I think the "view panelizer" reference is a terminology mistake, would that mean "edit this page with panels" / "edit this page with page manager"?

Looks like we need some design work first before we can continue with implementation(?).

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That may be so. Kevin is back on Monday. Could you shoot him an email pointing him to your list of questions so he can respond here?

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Spun off a design-specific issue for this at #1761604: Prototype Layout administration page designs.

We obviously did not get to this in Sprint 3.

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This is blocked on design and de-prioritzed for now.

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If we do this, it'll be part of the larger layout efforts at #1564856: Improve drag-and-drop content layout tools.