Follow-up from #1599108: Allow modules to register services and subscriber services (events). The new language_manager() function doesn't return a manager, it returns a language. Therefore, rename it to language(). This is consistent with our pattern for cache() and similar functions.

This also cleans up a few things in the language() function body.

drupal-language_manager_cleanup.patch50.36 KBeffulgentsia
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Issue tags:+API clean-up, +Dependency Injection (DI), +kernel-followup


+++ b/core/includes/
@@ -2619,56 +2620,61 @@ function drupal_language_initialize() {
+  // We don't use drupal_static() here because resetting is not a simple case of
+  // drupal_static_reset().
+  static $languages = array();

I still have no idea how and where this static is reset for test runs... unless I'm mistaken, the languages are massively leaking into tests right now.

+++ b/core/includes/
@@ -2619,56 +2620,61 @@ function drupal_language_initialize() {
+  // When the language_manager service exists (is both defined and the 'request'
+  // scope is active in the container), use it to get the language. Otherwise
+  // return the default language.
+  try {
+    $language_manager = drupal_container()->get('language_manager', Container::NULL_ON_INVALID_REFERENCE);

I also do not understand why we don't simply have a NonRequestContainer or HeadlessContainer, instead of those hard-coded lines in drupal_container(), and instead of this procedural language() helper.

But anyway, this patch is a good clean-up on its own, which simplifies and clarifies that current workaround.

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Committed to 8.x. Thanks.

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Title:Rename language_manager() to language() and related cleanup» Change notification for: Rename language_manager() to language() and related cleanup
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Okay, then THIS can be the issue to fix the language docs on

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Title:Change notification for: Rename language_manager() to language() and related cleanup» Rename language_manager() to language() and related cleanup
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I updated this myself.
This would have been enough for us to know how to update Views, which should be enough.

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