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Requirements #

Optional considerations #

In order to take advantage of the full power of Panopoly and avoid common problems, please take into account the following optional considerations:

Install #

Choose one of the following options to install Panopoly on your own server. This should work for both the 7.x and 8.x versions of Panopoly.

  • Option 1: Install the latest tarball
    1. Download the latest tarball from the Panopoly project page. This will be the link at the bottom of the page named tar.gz (nn.nn MB)
    2. Unpack the tarball into the directory that will be your web root: tar zxf panopoly-N.x-N.x-dev-core.tar.gz. This installs Drupal core with the Panopoly profile in the profiles directory.
    3. Change to the profiles directory and run drush make: drush make --no-core drupal-org.make. This will download the Panopoly moduels and give you this directory structure under profiles/panopoly:
      ├── contrib
      │   ├── ...
      └── panopoly
          ├── panopoly_core
          ├── panopoly_demo
          ├── panopoly_images
          ├── panopoly_pages
          ├── panopoly_test
          ├── panopoly_theme
          ├── panopoly_users
          ├── panopoly_widgets
          └── panopoly_wysiwyg
    4. At this point you can visit your site url and let Drupal install. For more detail follow the standard Drupal installation instructions. You should see the above Panopoly modules installing when the progress bar appears.
  • Option 2: Drush
    1. Run the following command line to download Panopoly to your server
      drush dl panopoly --select
    2. Using the interactive menu select which version of Panopoly you need to install. It's recommended to install the "Supported, Recommended" release.
    3. Next do the drush make step above.
    4. To install the site using 'drush site-install':
      1. chmod 0666 sites/default/settings.php
      2. drush site-install panopoly --db-url=mysql://MYUSER:MYPASS@localhost:3306/MYDB -y
      3. chmod 0644 sites/default/settings.php
    5. If all went well you should see
      Installation complete.  User name: admin  User password: VevEtAbHRk  [ok]                                       
      Congratulations, you installed Panopoly!

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.