In short: Provide map view for Events - as seen on Drupical! :)

Events map toggle

In-person events will ship with geo data, so we just need to figure out how to design events map page, which modules/blocks we need, etc...

This feature request is based on comment #12 in Events page @ Drupal Commons 3.x interactive prototype

IMHO this could be highly beneficial to have in MVP, if nothing else then only because of GDO. :)

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This would be a great feature! Patches are certainly welcome after #1712070: Flesh out Commons events landing page is completed (I think maybe jpontani is planning to work on that one.

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Something like would be nice. If we had just a static map view as an attachment to the general events listing and paginated, yeah you could sort it by date, limit it by distance etc. but there's still that crummy user experience of having to 'next' / 'back' the main query to see what's going on. I.e. as a user, if I filter to this and that, aren't I seeing all the events on the map which apply to these criteria? How are the next/back buttons relevant to the map? It's difficult to see the connection, while it's easy to see the connection in the page view because I click on next if I want to see more as I scroll down the page, or like on twitter we could ajax load the next lot of events automatically as the user scrolls down the page, even better.

The difference is that the page is a list, and a list is something you read down and turn the page when you get to the bottom - a map isn't, a map you get a magnifying glass and you move it around, or in the timeline case scroll horizontally through the year and see the events that conjures plotted on a map.

However, the big challenge seems to be lazy loading (in a calendar view we might just load the next month's events as the user navigates the calendar, but in a map or timeline view it's likely more tricky to load events as a user scrolls through a timeline, but would be great!). #207887: Scalability (Timeline with a lot of events)

Looks like it would take something of an javascript guru to sort out, which is not me unfortunately

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We talked about this in the Office Hours BoF at DrupalCon. One of the dependency issues is making sure that events have an address field which can be geocoded and tied to a lat/lon.

I'm not sure if this already exists in Commons or not, but it's a pre-requisite to mapping data.

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Yes! :D Something exactly like that! :D

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Thanks, mariomaric!

I moved #1730044 into the main Commons queue for discussion.

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Component: Events » Search
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There's now a timeline.js integration for Views which is looking pretty cool

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Added GDO reference. -- m.m

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