This is weird.... If I put my view_slideshow block in the header panel region and only have one item
- okay for all browsers. If I say more than one - and cycle, then on the
chrome and safari browsers the image dissapears. On firefox okay, On MSIE later model
okay, (but MSIE calculatesheight wrong on css for the view_slideshow but that is not relevant here...).

IF I move the block for the views_slideshow with cycle to another region like content,
it cycles okay on all the browsers I looked at.

I was using footheme, and thought it was maybe something I did... but I tried it on
corolla virgin in the header-panel and experienced this glitch.... thus my report...

I think the clue is MSIE works, chrome/safari don't... weird...
I guess something that header-panel is doing is really different than the
other regions and the cycle feature of jQuery is not rendered properly
by chrome/safare because of...

I understand if we just close this bug-report because it is an obscure issue
and can be worked aroun... but I had thought for a non-profit site a
simple cycling slideshow to the right of the logo would be
an easy thing, but it seems allergic to chrome/safari with the adaptive...

One last note, on chrome the first in the cycle flickers and then background
goes back to nothing but a tiny round circle shows up in the upper right hand corner
of where the image would be, and if clicked on follows link for slide...

- tia.


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BTW, the "width" just in this region appears to be the issue.... thus showing as a dot..

If I added widgets like prev/next, it would guess the width of the slide as the width of the previous/next

I had added the slider... while it could understand widths of a pager, not the slider nor slideshow
when cycling... so for now I just put a CSS for the min-width to get it done...

#views_slideshow_slider_slider_slideshowname-block {
min-width: 646px;

Something in the region causes webkit based browsers (safare/chrome) to have issues.

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Did you ever resolve this issue? I have a similar problem using the Sky theme. I have a views slideshow in a mini panel within the secondary content. Shows fine in Firefox and IE8/9 in Chrome only the thumbs at the side show and in Opera they are stacked underneath. Certain resizing helped in Opera but the thumbs show up a different size anyway. Must be a CSS issue with the browsers. Very annoying.

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Indeed, weird issue, I will try to reproduce.