So, we have DA installed and running. We are using it to handle subdomains. When we publish an article on, we want it to populate in a Views feed at The only way we can figure out to do this is to publish it not only to the chapter but to publish it to the primary domain as well. Problem is, we do not want this in fear that search engines will find duplicate content ie. content at and will be identical. To test, we publish to both and yes, article1 does indeed populate to the feed but it populates it with canonical = and not the original


1. How do we publish to subdomain and have this URL populate into the primary domain's feed?

2. How do we accomplish 1 and prevent content from being shown at both and It should just be at (where it was originally published).

Any help would be appreciated.


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Enable the Domain Source module, which lets you assign a canonical URL for any piece of content.

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I see documentation reads "This setting allows you to control the domain to use when rewriting links that
are sent to 'all affiliates.'"

We publish on,, And from what I gather, we would have to make sure each affiliate post will have to written to itself and the Primary ( right? We then want these posts to appear on Not only that, we want the feed items from the affiliates to be from their own URL's. Is that possible with Domain Source?

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The link rewriting also works when the content is sent to multiple affiliates. You can also set it to "Use current domain", which might be proper in your case.

If you use Domain Source to publish to those domains, and set the source domain to, then the content will be visible on all 3, but all links should reference Typically, this means that only the teaser is visible on the other domains.

But I don't think I understand your use-case properly, and it simply may not be possible. Domain Source is the proper solution to the fear of duplicate content. Anything beyond what it does really isn't feasible,

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1. ok this sounds promising. I just enabled Domain Source and made sure I had permission to "set domain access" and "'publish to any assigned domain". Read the DS readme.txt file as well and info there point to "edit the nodes individually". Where do I set this? The posts do not have this option, I only see the usual Publishing options: to either "Send to all affiliates" or pick specific domains "PUBLISH TO:".

2. Under /admin/build/domain/settings, under advanced settings >> Search Engine Optimization, I should select "Rewrite all URLs to point to a single source". As for "DEFAULT SOURCE DOMAIN:", should it be "Do not change domain"?

I think we are close but still not there yet. I just wish Domain Access had a way to redirect users viewing a post to the original URL. Also wish there is an easy way to inject affiliate posts into the primary domain's feed where affiliate items had the affiliate URL.

Hope that made sense. It's late and I have been pulling my hair out on this issue for quite some time now.

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Hey Richard, is there a way for us to show a post item from in and BUT not show the post item on the primary domain