sigmaone 7.x-2.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz 476.83 KB faa7691b6de433692f4732ff9b82102a 655.82 KB 01982d8669f976974ae44e2183aee448
Last updated: 1 Oct 2013 at 11:43 UTC
Last packaged version: 7.x-2.x-dev

Release notes

Development branch. Do not use on production site, for advanced developer only.

Development release from branch: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.1

Release notes

Major Fix for RDF module support.

Now SigmaOne will have valid HTML5 + RDFa specifcation.

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.1.tar.gz 476.98 KB 52d7dac9daefb0c43882284182214659 656.02 KB f20bcae75f1107d2c06c75f258c49930
Last updated: 25 Jan 2013 at 08:58 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0

Release notes

This mark the end of beta releases.

The theme is deemed to be stable enough for use with production site thus released a stable release version.

Bug Fix :
Add fixes for metatags module bug - metatag doesn't get printed at all

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 476.83 KB 6eeea0728c2473a46af11a17bf1192af 655.7 KB 312a6913caba13cfb5ac7f60af2e5123
Last updated: 24 Jan 2013 at 23:03 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta16

Release notes

  • bug fix for
  • fix css margin for ul in confirmation page
  • Fixed css for admin filters
  • fix missing index on region attributes
  • fixed double class bug
  • fixed double class for region and block
  • fixed select box bug under IE
  • fix bug comment grabbing the wrong account object
  • Revamp maintenance page
Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta16.tar.gz 476.77 KB 3a3a6af4f48505c556e01021ab4443a6 655.63 KB 3fe4fffe89cbcd45389d0afa86866d0c
Last updated: 12 Jan 2013 at 09:43 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta15

Release notes

  1. Add margin to hr element css
  2. fixed mediatable show double listing, added new code to mark first 3 column as essential so it will be shown when the view port is small
  3. fix views ajax returning double media table
  4. Added disable_empty to admin layouts to hide preface and postface regions when not used
  5. Fix contrib views css
  6. Fixed bug plugin user profile - if turned off throw fatal error from drupal_attributes cant process empty string
  7. Fix Tabs missing configurable options, Make tabs js to be disbled on admin page by default
Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta15.tar.gz 476.15 KB 8895420f4791170050be7a595f50fddc 654.68 KB c4ee365c039a4c40c31c57c2f54021c9
Last updated: 13 Dec 2012 at 03:39 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta14

Release notes

fix vtcore attach js and css only attaching once bug
change breadcrumb separator to /
fix sticky table css and added support for stickyheader + responsive media table js
Fixed pager first and prev missing jQuery UI classes
Fixed - accordion on start the active element missing top round border

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta14.tar.gz 473 KB a255c6a0768067b3bc4a3c6d5c7cbcac 651.24 KB e3b5ae359bc17e27a5d28ed7a9bbb7ba
Last updated: 25 Nov 2012 at 08:19 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta13

Release notes

  • added feature so now theme can use vtcore_alter_process hook from template.php, add new array key for vtcore special blocks
  • Removed sigmaone_breadcrumb() function, in favor of direct rendering breadcrumb from block renderable array as a markup - Clearing cache Required for user updating to this new version
  • FIXED area always print newrow and lastrow class, ignoring layout settings
  • equalheight use height instead of outerheight now
  • fixed not all forum pages loading jqueryui table js thus breaking table layout
Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta13.tar.gz 472.63 KB 3da04713e8dfd76423449056d2075cd3 650.68 KB 4dd85f86c30fd2cf8dd19967ff45f18a
Last updated: 10 Nov 2012 at 10:13 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta12

Release notes

  1. check drupal cache in vtcore so every plugin can use it without invoking variable_get all the time
  2. change the layout plugin cached system, now it will only caches the .layout files leaving the content for Drupal or other module to cache. Region manager plugin now will clear the cache when submit is clicked.
  3. added new plugin user_profile, which will handle all user profile related page. NOTE: clearing cache is needed at this point
  4. added support to adminpage plugin to load extra css from front end theme if needed
Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta12.tar.gz 472.59 KB 5664d8bdf4ed99936e105ef2265ed097 650.43 KB 27bb5466c90665f97ea702afecc4bce4
Last updated: 31 Oct 2012 at 17:42 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta11

Release notes

Add missing js file to packaging.

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta11.tar.gz 469.47 KB bab148e540026e2929c395170494320c 646.16 KB 01d96901e3f687fc78539f5de968dbc4
Last updated: 22 Oct 2012 at 19:37 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta10

Release notes

Fix fatal bug, now only anonymous is cached following Drupal normal cache behavior

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta10.tar.gz 462.91 KB 73fc6f14add431c0f59ebe1a3c260556 639.59 KB 49ac09c3998c4ab1691c63581bdef551
Last updated: 22 Oct 2012 at 16:07 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta9

Release notes

Fatal bug fix, Node--blog.tpl.php opening tag different from ending tag causing layout break

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta9.tar.gz 462.91 KB c152c9914adc11b7f1a2d17524a3d391 639.59 KB 714edd243e63c0d3b14e8854d3d4b4b2
Last updated: 22 Oct 2012 at 15:22 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta8

Release notes

  1. fixed bug that block wont respect drupal block visibility settings, add new class for block without subject header
  2. fixed main title html tag keep showing even there is no title, fixed breadcrumb html tag keep showing even there is no title, now breadcrumb array doesn't add home links manually anymore, added extra class for tagging title with tabs, tagging block with subject, zebra class for comments
  3. improved node.tpl.php & node--blog.tpl.php
Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta8.tar.gz 462.92 KB fdc393749bf7f55ef9dba4e081c9b937 639.59 KB 7d6486cbb8354b69f857771911f4a614
Last updated: 22 Oct 2012 at 13:57 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta7

Release notes

  1. remove version on .info file for staterKit
  2. fix for admin theme switching mechanism, so now user who has permission to view admin theme only can view the admin theme
  3. revert to manual a href tagging instead of l() for theme main logo, l() is just not performing right
  4. recode the page__admin theme_hook_suggestion inserting mode
Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta7.tar.gz 461.16 KB 946691a975fa7b6c14a0f75871da0e30 637.89 KB fdfe1b0d95c3c88629d9a1fab9b7ad90
Last updated: 11 Oct 2012 at 09:31 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta6

Release notes

Refactoring logo block to play nice with drupal settings
add new options to user / not use custom site name and slogan from regionarea plugin
small fix for action links got double icon bug

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta6.tar.gz 460.53 KB 86b3c03021281d2cfa56f260a00e70cf 636.53 KB 2c33d602726fcfb51fab5d6865e98a81
Last updated: 26 Sep 2012 at 14:51 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta5

Release notes

Fix css for changing from to, all subthemes must follow the new div
Convert dashboard items into an accordion

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta5.tar.gz 459.77 KB 8f164759109f33767e80a659c5df1f9f 635.73 KB fb41cd011f983344a08e109e2bbfe6e5
Last updated: 25 Sep 2012 at 06:35 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta4

Release notes

Themed dashboard region to be compatible with jQueryUI
fix wsod on layout.plugin and undefined array on equalheights
fix custom class bug, add new plugin for equalheight
fix css missing image
add layout file for batch processing page, small fix in jqueryUI plugin to load css on admin page

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta4.tar.gz 457.72 KB d477663e697660ceae966eb32c788c35 633.11 KB ecc3493b62752940ad83b5a6593fafb0
Last updated: 24 Sep 2012 at 12:55 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta3

Release notes

Fix regionarea wsod due to stale dsm()

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta3.tar.gz 454.07 KB 84f81e997c281128206e29c1d3c571c5 624.32 KB 1183f0bce29adcf2342e04de54108fbe
Last updated: 14 Sep 2012 at 05:09 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta2

Release notes

Add new plugin for adding / changing custom class and id from region manager
fix some jquery ui related js
fix css

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta2.tar.gz 454.09 KB f534e04678bfa6732f62838e6a01d422 624.36 KB 2034ee6947fd08496beaf7c74ef37cb8
Last updated: 10 Sep 2012 at 05:28 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-beta1

Release notes

First Beta Release
- Fix caching break forms, now only anonymous user while not in overlay is cached
- Modify css for forms and jQueryUI

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz 452.81 KB fc2b69ba44ca6b0975556d94af68423c 622.64 KB 7bc44bbaa1865a18b6298c00b6bd6ba1
Last updated: 29 Aug 2012 at 15:30 UTC
Official release from tag: 

sigmaone 7.x-1.0-alpha17

Release notes

fix block when its not configured yet didnt receive column class
added experimental caching code for layout plugin
remove page title when on overlay
add css fix for overlay and admin menu
fix bug 1739998

Download Size md5 hash
sigmaone-7.x-1.0-alpha17.tar.gz 452.65 KB 1c627c2a24c21b6f7d56ab63b0a7aa3f 622.37 KB 4dbca31d72d8a4d2c202bc83dcd34e55
Last updated: 21 Aug 2012 at 00:07 UTC
Official release from tag: 


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