I was wondering whether there is a plan for the near future, supporting Video module.

Video module creates a video field with its own widget (not based on file field type).

I looked into the core bridge with a hope that I could create a module to hook it up, but as it is noted in there, that is not the intention of hook_storage_core_bridge_field_types().

I am looking into a possible solutions for integrating Video module (Zencoder) with direct upload to Amazon S3, by-passing Drupal instance completely.

Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.



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I'm looking for the same thing. Any movement....

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Would be great precisely because videos produce large files transfers and costs for initial replication. If there is a better solution it will get good acceptance i think. Anyway i would love it

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Here similar thread (from the other (video) side) with first patch.

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Status: Active » Needs review

Marking as needs review as we track the other issue in the module.

Storage API should remain agnostic of other modules since it's goal is a low-level framework for storage. Let me know if there is anything that would be blocking the development of that module to use Storage APIs existing APIs.