Question: If a copyright notice is defined in the default values page and the cooresponding field in a node is left blank, does it copy the default value into the database entry for the node, or does it simply insert the default value into the meta data at runtime?

If it simply inserts the default value at runtime, then this is a bug IMHO.

If it copies the default value into the nodes data record, then this is not a bug.

I can't tell for sure how this works, but after saving a page after defining the meta data leaving the copyright date field blank, and then returning, I still observe a blank field. This makes me worry. I don't want to lose the copyright date of a particular node when I change the default value at the beginning of next year.


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You have an interesting point. Right now the defaults are not stored at the point of object creation, instead they are loaded at runtime. The rationale for this was that so if and when you change the default values the existing content will also be updated, this is the use case I felt was more appropriate for most use cases.

This one field is a little different in that it is usually used to reference a specific point in time that the page was created, thus when the copyright limit begins. Due to Nodewords not currently supporting tokens there isn't an easy way to just automatically assign the year of the "changed" value from the current node into the field.

Might you be able to write something like "Copyright 2011-2012" to achieve the same effect? Is that sufficient or do you specifically need to say "Copyright 2011" for content created in 2011 and "Copyright 2012" for content created in 2012?

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I am not an expert on copyright law, but I believe that the date on a specific article (in this case node) is the date of first publication. Changing the default on a yearly basis to encompass all previous years is probably at odds with how the copyright notice should be displayed.

Ideally, this value as a default would be stored in the database field when the node is saved. Then the node would maintain this notice forever, or until changed by the author. At the beginning of the next year, we would change the default so that all articles published will have the new date. This saves having to type in the copyright notice on every article.

If a token is available for the current year, then that could be used to assign a value to a copyright notice that can again be saved in the database associated with the node. This is even better as you don't have to remember to change the default as the year passes.

Thanks for a great module and I really like the progress that was made in the 1.14 release. We use the open graph stuff also, and it is nice to not have to type in descriptions two times, etc.

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Version: 6.x-1.14-beta1 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Category: support » bug

Lets mark this as a bug report.