Hi I want to create a SaaS platform for one of my sites.
I´ve been trying the DA module a little but I can´t get it to work as I want to.

When a customer pays for a membership with uc_recurring for example, I want that user to get a subdomain equal to it´s username.
When logged in the user will have a completely clean install with the ability to add users to that specific subdomain.
Of course no other users should be able to se the content of the new user.

So I figured DA should be the right module for the access part but there are some other issues.

Is it possible to set it so that the users subdomain is shown all the time while logged in so that the content is always shown?
- I noticed that with some links the subdomain wasn´t included so the content wasn't shown.

Any idea how to solve the part of how the user should be able to add other users to his domain?

And any idea how to use the uc_recurring module (which now only adds the user to a specific role) to work together with DA?



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You essentially need a version of the Domain User module, which is seeking a maintainer for Drupal 7, because I do not use it.