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There is a lot of Drupal magic going on with Panopoly. Here are some of the key features:

General Features

  • Panels Powered - Woven together functionality from Panels, the Panels In-Place-Editor, Fieldable Panel Panes, PM Existing Pages, Panelizer and a lot of extra special sauce.
  • Responsive - Over two dozen cross-browser, responsive layouts and several responsive image styles are included to aid in site building and allow your site to work seamlessly on mobile devices.
  • In-Place Page Building - Drag and drop customization of pages and nodes. Easily switch layouts, modify Views and Panels settings, change styles, and add generic widgets to display text, images, links, maps, submenus, video and spotlights across your site. No backend administration required!
  • Admin Experience - Vastly improved site and content management experience, featuring a redesigned node add/edit page and a fully loaded, media enabled TinyMCE WYSIWYG.
  • Apps Powered - Panopoly can be extended through various Panopoly Apps delivered by the Panopoly App server.

Panopoly Core

  • Packages a customized design for the Panels IPE experience
  • Includes @font-face support for Open Sans font
  • Defines a custom day and time format
  • Defines "Administrative" and "Editor" user roles
  • Provides a global "Categories" taxonomy with Panelizer support
  • Custom styling for the CTools dropbutton and jQuery UI modals
  • Provides defaults about the Panopoly App Server for use by Apps.module
  • Special handling of site breadcrumb to append current page title
  • Installation profile specific code for cleaner profiles based on Panopoly

Panopoly Admin

  • Customized Content Editing Experience
  • Custom Style for the Media Browser
  • Creates Panopoly Administrative Section (admin/panopoly) for Panopoly Configuration
  • Provides Pane Library, Layout Library, and Page Library Administrative Pages
  • Packages Several Different Administrative Toolbar Options (Admin Menu, Admin, Navbar, Toolbar)

Panopoly Images

  • Several image style presets of various sizes
  • Integration with Media.module for style presets
  • Responsive CSS logic for image styles

Panopoly Magic

  • Magical customization of the Panels IPE experience
  • Enables editing of specific field content in the Panels IPE
  • Provides live previews of content administered using the Panels IPE
  • Allows extensive customization of Views settings when added to Panels

Panopoly Pages

  • Creation of a "Content Page" content type for basic page management
  • Creation of a "Landing Page" workflow for landing page creation
  • Panelizer integration for all view modes of the "Content Page"

Panopoly Search

  • Integration with Search API Solr for Solr searching
  • Integration with Search API for database searching
  • Integration with and Panelization of Facet API module
  • Panelizer search pages for DB and Solr results

Panopoly Theme

  • Includes 31 responsive and cross browser Panel layouts
  • Implements "Featured" view mode available for all content types
  • Accordian Panels style plugin
  • Installation profile specific code to allow install profiles to select a theme

Panopoly Users

  • Panelization of the user/login, user/password and user/register pages
  • Panelized user profile pages by default
  • Addition of fields to support a user picture and user biography
  • UI/UX Improvements to the user login and registration process

Panopoly Widgets

  • Integration with Link module to provide a list of links
  • Provides the ability to provide an uploaded file
  • Provides the ability to provide an uploaded image
  • Provides the ability to provide a WYSIWYG authored block of text
  • Integration with Simple GMap module to provide a map
  • Integration with Tablefield module to provide a table
  • Integration with Media module to provide an embedded video
  • Provides a custom entity to create a rotating spotlight
  • Integration with Menu Block to provide a submenu
  • Provides a customizable view to add a generic list of content
  • Provides a customizable view to add a generic piece of content
  • Inclusion of default content for Panopoly Widgets
  • UX/UI Improvements for naming and positioning of Chaos Tools plugins

Panopoly WYSIWYG

  • The best TinyMCE WYSIWYG in Drupal
  • Addition of Kitchen Sink and Spellcheck Plugins
  • A good MarkitUp Editor for Drupal
  • Switching WYSIWYG + HTML text formats
  • Integration of Linkit module for adding WYSIWYG Links
  • Support for Caption Filter's WYSIWYG Captions
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