I liked to insert the video somewhere into the text – not just above or below.
So i have modified a "found" script for my needs to use filters for input formats to insert the video to where i like it to be.
I would like to see this feature in the main module (D7?).

The attached module is for Drupal 6.x and works fine for me – read the README.txt for advice.

If you have troubles using this little module – please help yourself – i can't:
I’m smart enough to steal and modify code, but i’m not (yet) smart enough to maintain/ understand the code ... :-)

The idea and most of the code is stolen from „Insert View“ (http://drupal.org/project/insert_view/) by „mlsamuelson“ (http://drupal.org/user/47411). Thanks!!

insert_videojs.zip11.43 KBtfranz
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Need this for D7!

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How does it know where to put it?

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Just put the tag somewhere into your body-textfield.

For example, to render a video inside your text put this in your text-field:
"This text is above this video:
And this is below the video."

The tag [videojs:...] will be replaced by the videoJS-script.

This only works if the videojs-filter is activated at your input format – see the readme.txt for help.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Please checkout the Video.js Filter module: http://drupal.org/project/videojs_filter .