Hi, I have no idea where to begin debugging this.

I have a profile content type that contains a file upload (filefield for user pictures) and a textarea field utilizing the ckeditor.
Recently I stumbled upon the behaviour that whenever I log in as a normal registered user (not admin) and use the remove file button in the edit form then the contents of the following ckeditor field disappears.. so ckeditor responds to the command issued by the delete file button in the filefield. I have changed the order of the fields, but this made no difference.
Strangely enough this does not happen when I am logged in as admin.

Any ideas?? Or should this be mentioned in the filefield issuelist?
I am using drupal 6.26 and filefield 6-3.10.


#8 ckeditor-filefield-remove.patch922 bytesvectoroc
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Same problem here.

I was also trying 6.x-1.x-dev and many module and permission setting - no luck, no clue.

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Still no response? Maintainer?

It seems a pretty serious issue to me, ckeditor allowing other elements to delete its content...


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I cannot reproduce this on:
- CKEditor module - last DEV
- CCK module - last DEV
- FileField 3.10

do u try to update to DEV version to reproduce this issue?
If sth work on admin account and not in user account, it's probably problem with this module because we use this same script to do this in admin and user account.

If update to DEV version doesn't help, it is possible to get access to your webserver with this site?


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Thank you for your response, as soon I have time I will look into the DEV versions. The other subscribing user seems to experience the same problem on the DEV version too though.

I don't quite understand what you are saying with "If sth(?) work on admin account and not in user account, it's probably problem with this module (which module?) because we use this same script to do this in admin and user account."

Unfortunately I am not allowed to give access to the server..


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I want only to say that if something (any functionality) work on admin account it should also work on user account, because we use this same script for handling funconality for admin and user account. It could be problem with CCK module... we have a lot of problems in Drupal 6 to add compatibility with it...

Pls check this on CKEditor and CCK module in DEV version, and then write does it help or not...


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I have'nt tried it on dev version but I see the same problem in dev code

As I understand here we have to disable ckeditor on description of filefield that's being removed.

So correct version of code should look like

        $('input[id$="-filefield-remove"]', $(context)).mousedown(function(){
          $('#' + this.id.replace(/-filefield-remove$/, '-ahah-wrapper textarea.ckeditor-mod')).each(function(){
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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Needs review
922 bytes

try some one this patch

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