[this applies to the beta-2 version of Navin, not the dev version]

I have sub-themed Navin using the help provided to me at http://drupal.org/node/1604730 The minor changes I make to my sub-theme work for narrow, default and wide, but they do not render for mobile. For mobile, the theme always renders using Navin, not my sub-theme.

In the Omega issues forum there are a number of posts about the global.css file not loading when a sub-sub-theme is created, for example: http://drupal.org/node/1448474 The replies talk about creating a sub-sub-theme based on a starterkit and the global.css file in the sub-theme.

But Navin doesn't have a starterkit and it doesn't have a global.css file. Even though my sub-sub-theme has a global.css file, it never loads. So I question whether the help that was provided to about sub-theming Navin really works for mobile. Is it possible that the way Navin has sub-themed Omega interferes with the recommended way that the Omega developers say to sub-sub-theme Omega?

Can you help me get my sub-theme of Navin to load the global.css file?