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User groups allow you to create different sections within your site. You can define a user group to correspond with any group of people within your school. Once you have created a user group, you can assign rights over that group to specific people. This way, you can delegate responsibility over a section of your site to select individuals.

User Groups Overview

There are four different types of user groups available. You can define as many (or as few) user groups of each type as you choose - whatever best suits the structure of your school.

Julio - User groups

  • Administrative Unit – These groups can be used for any administration group, committee, or other office within your school.
  • Club – These groups can be used for any extracurricular student or faculty organizations.
  • Team – These groups can be used for athletic teams, at any level.
  • Department – These groups can be used for academic departments.

As part of the install process, five user groups are created. The first three - Student Life, Academics, and Athletics - help organize other groups you will create. This is described in more detail, below. The other two groups - Admissions and Parents & Guardians - are examples of standalone Administrative Units.

  • Student Life is the umbrella group for Clubs. Any Club user group you create will be linked from the Student Life landing page and from the navigation menu under Student Life.
  • Academics is the umbrella group for Departments. Any Department user group you create will be linked from the Academics landing page and from the navigation menu under Academics.
  • Athletics is the umbrella group for Teams. Any Team user group you create will be linked from the Athletics landing page and from the navigation menu under Athletics.
  • Admissions and Parents & Guardians are the last predefined user groups. Unlike the other three, Admissions and Parents & Guardians are simply example Administrative Units. They do not serve as umbrella groups, since Administrative Unit user groups can be used for a broad variety of purposes.
    NOTE: If you want Administrative Unit user groups to appear in the navigation menu, you can add them manually - see Editing Navigation and User Group Menus in Julio.

You do not have to use all four types of user groups. If you would like to disable a particular type of user group (for example, if your school doesn't have any athletic teams) you can do that from the Enabled Functionality menu on the Admin Dashboard. For details, see the Enabling and Disabling Feature Sets in Julio section of this documentation.

How to Create a New User Group

To create a new user group, start at the Admin Dashboard and:

Julio - Create New Groups

  1. Under the Create New Group heading, click the type of user group you'd like to create.
  2. In the Title text box, type a name for your new user group.
  3. In the Body text area, you can type the text you want to appear on the user group's landing page. For example, if you are creating an Administrative Unit user group for your school's Library, the landing page would be a good place give a description of the Library's collections, services, and hours.
    You can also include pictures on the landing page, by clicking on the Add Media button on the right-hand side of the toolbar.

    Note: You can edit or add to any user group's landing page at any point. Users with adequate privileges will see an Edit tab when they view the page.

  4. When you're done adding information to the Body text box, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  5. Under the Group Type heading, make sure that the "Group" option is selected (It should be selected by default).
  6. Under Group Roles and Permissions make sure that 'Use default roles and permissions' is selected. (It should be selected by default.)
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Preview button (to see a preview) or the Save button (to create and save the group). As noted earlier, groups can be edited at any point.

Repeat the steps above to create as many user groups as you like. Here are a couple of other good things to keep in mind when creating and managing your user groups:

  • You can add new user groups at any time;
  • To edit the landing page of an existing user group, go that user group's page and click the Edit tab;

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