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Last updated: June 7, 2012 - 19:46

Release notes

Note, to get the fully packaged version of Drupal Commons, download Commons from as the release contains only the Commons feature modules and does not contain Drupal core or contributed projects.

For the latest release notes an upgrade instructions, see

Drupal Commons 2.7 (Drupal 6.26 core) contains core and contributed module updates, security fixes, and bug fixes. Users are strongly encouraged to apply this security update. The following list describes what is new in this version.

  • Drupal Core updated

    Drupal core is updated to 6.26.

  • Security updates to contributed Drupal projects

    Drupal Commons version 2.6 includes security updates for the contributed Organic Groups module.

  • Bug fixes
    • Bug #1618012 by ezra-g: Group content filter overlaps with right sidebar
    • Bug #1347182 by mikestefff: Join and learn block doesn't enforce Mollom, overwrites submit & access callbacks
    • Bug #1546746 by hernani, greggles, ezra-g: Group name not truncated in search widget, breaks layout
    • Bug #1269460: Error generating Quant report for Facebook Style Statuses due to outdated Quant module
    • Bug #1463554 by ezra-g: Group homepage teaser trimming should respect HTML tags
    • Bug #1547766 by ezra-g: Group links no longer display anywhere
    • Bug #1532510 by ezra-g: Anonymous frontpage overflow issues
  • Other changes
    • Task #1512644 by ezra-g: Remove unsupported Tagging module and related code
    • Task #1550598 by martysnow: Integrate Userpoints picture patch: Undefined index watchdog error
    • Task #1550598 by martysnow: Integrate Userpoints picture patch: Undefined index watchdog error
    • Task #1569552 by greggles: incorporate enhanced logging for one-time login link
    • Task #1517798 by ezra-g: Update to version of Acquia Search module
    • Task #1517082 by ezra-g: Patch for WYSIWYG friendly diff has been committed

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