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This module provides a "site map" style page overview of all the categories within a site with node titles and a side bar menu to navigate the site by category

  • A 'site map' page giving a hierarchy overview of the site's taxonomy. Visitors to will see the various categories of your web site and (optionally) the nodes titles under each category.
  • A side bar menu to navigate your web site by category, when configured
    as a block.


This module provides several options that customize its look and feel:

  • An overview section on the top of the page can contain any text you want
  • Can exclude certain taxonomies from the site map page.
  • Can show the number of nodes under each taxonomy term.
  • Can list the nodes under each taxonomy term, with hyperlinks for each
  • If taxonomies have descriptions, then a mouseover description is shown
  • Can list the author and number of comments for each node, also by a mouseover
  • Can be configured as a block, providing a side menu for navigation.
  • Category terms tied to the image module will link to image/tid/xx and display as galleries.
  • Category terms tied to the forum module will link to forum/xx and display correctly.

Note on the block feature:

Please note that this taxonomy is not collapsible as in the taxonomy_context
module. This means it does take more screen space if your taxonomy is multi
level and contains lots of terms. The advantage is that it does not require
multiple clicks for the user to get to the information they may be interested
in. Also, the menu is always visible, not when you are on a node only, as in

If you want collapsible menus, look at other modules such as
taxonomy context, taxonomy menu, and taxonomy dhtml.

This module does not require any new database tables to be installed.


Khalid Baheyeldin of

The author can also be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting,
installation, development, and customizations.

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