How does the 'Internal Links Title filter' mesh with the 'Convert URLs into links' filter? Do they work together or should I disable 'Convert URLs into links'? If they work together, should 'Convert URLs into links' go first? Thanks!


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Hi. Sorry, I thought I answered this ages ago, but in quick reply:
1) Currently internal links only works on links which are root-relative, which means a full absolute link, even if internal, will not get title attributes added. If I do add as an option, linking of absolute internal links, then the "Convert URLs to Links" filter would need to "fire" first or there would be no link to add a title to. ;-)

So for now, I would say it doesn't matter, but in theory, it would need to be a link before any filter that works on links would have any action.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)