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Views Bulk Operations augments Views by allowing bulk operations (provided by Drupal core or Rules) to be executed on the displayed rows.
It does so by showing a checkbox in front of each displayed row, and adding a select box on top of the View containing operations that can be applied.

Administration Views

Use the Administration Views module for replacing Drupal core listings with VBO-enabled views.

Actions permissions

A module called actions_permissions is included in the package.
This module generates a permission for each core action, and VBO honors those
permissions before showing or executing the corresponding actions.
This is useful if you want to provide your actions to several groups of users with
different privileges: the same view will accommodate those different groups,
showing to each the actions that they are permitted to see.

On Drupal 7, Rules 2 provides the same functionality out of the box for its components (used as operations by VBO).

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