I have no idea how this is happening, but it's gonzo whack. About once a week our home page will get overwritten by an old revision. If I go in as a registered user no prob = i get the uncached un-bossted version of the page and all is well, however anonymous users see a gibberishy page from a two year old revision. Perhaps this is a feature somehow and not a bug, but it's buggin me and el jefe big time :)

any clues on what's going on here? Thanks for the module, it has saved our site


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* Can you systematically reproduce the error? if not, how often does it happen? (clear the boost cache between tests)
* Is the two year old revision the previous revision? or it randomly goes to an old revision?
* Any exotic modules installed that could interfere?
* Are you using the crawler? (if yes, try disabling it)
* Are revisions exposed to anonymous users? for example, a google-bot/crawler could be going through old revisions, and for some reason, the URL is the same as the latest revision, so the cached version is not the latest version.

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Ah, and please test with 6.x-1.20. :)

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Hi bgm,
Great punch list, and greatly appreciate the reply.

1) Can not systematically reproduce error - it does seem to happen in the morning after the previous night's cache is cleared
2) The two year old revision is the first of the revisions available, not the previous revision, and not random = it's always the first revision
3) Exotic modules? not really = all are from drupal.org = mostly stock stuff, contexts, views, rules,
4) Not using the the crawler
5) Very interesting point, however no, no revision view permissions are enabled.

we'll try the latest stable version and see what's up, while this has happened ~5 times in the past month it has been over a week since I've seen it. Thusfar it has only been on the front page too - which is both odd and, of course, humorously annoying - like why couldn't it be one of those pages buried somewhere where I can forget about it or ignore it! Ha, well I'll try very hard to get better data for you, I think you've done all the debugging one may expect remotely. After running boost latest version for a week I'll report back and let you know what's up & close the ticket