The slideshow is position 100 px down. I would like the main content to be 100 px down also so that the slideshow and main content div are aligned at the top. For a reason: I would like the front page text - which hasn't got a slideshow - to be positioned vertically the same as the slideshow of the portfolio page. I've tried to adapt this in the layout css:

#header .section{
  margin:0 auto;
  height: 200px;

This puts the slideshow at 200 px down, which is where I want it to, just below my header. However, when I visit the front page which doesn't have a slideshow, the text of the main content div moves to much down. What do I have to adapt so when a page doesn't have a slideshow, the text starts at 200px down and when it does have a slideshow, the slideshow starts at 200 px down and the main content starts under the slideshow?