Hi all, sorry i am not a programmer

what lines specifically would you change in the css file to make the ENTIRE superfish bar bigger, along with the text? i can make the text bigger but then the background is off, thanks

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Hey there,

I need to see it, email me the URL if it's online, thanks.

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Hi, unfortunately it is a private site, i have content on it that i have to hide

i am COROLLA theme with the menu block superfish 1
horizontal bar

"no style"

does that help?

any advice appreciated, thanks!!

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never mind i figured it out :)

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New question, how do I make the menu float to the bottom of the container?

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Ok, let me install Corolla on my local, and in which region your Superfish block is?

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Hello, sorry I got distracted with other major problems :p

but i still have this problem.

I am using corolla

superfish with "no style" is located in the MENU BAR block

this is the css i was messing with in navigation.css to increase height

/* Corolla supports Superfish drop menus in two regions - Menu bar and the Header panel,
and we need to support standard menu blocks as well. */
#menu-bar-wrapper {
position: relative;
z-index: 10;
#menu-bar {
height: 158px; <---------increased height

im not a programmer, more of a meddler >_< thanks!

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Title: change size of text and background » Superfish NavBar type in the Menu Bar region
Project: Superfish » Corolla
Version: 7.x-1.9-beta4 » 7.x-2.x-dev
Component: Code » Design
Category: support » feature

As far as I see, the Menu Bar region supports the Horizontal type only; moving it to Corolla.

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Yeah, its all a bit of an ugly mess in 7.x-2.x because I was trying to support Corolla's original CSS and Superfish, which was a rather poor decision.

In 7.x-3.x I blew Corolla's CSS away and use a much more simplified approach and the nav bar style should work (pretty sure it does actually). I need to check. Could possibly back port my change to 7.x-2.x.

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I suspect this is broken with 7.x-3.x. I had a superfish menu setup and it looked right at one point, then later it broke .. I'm pretty sure when I upgraded form 7.x-2.x to 7.x-3.x. I also added a non-superfish menu to the menu-bar, and it looks correct, just the superfish menu is awry.

Let me know if you want to see an example; the site I'm setting up is flipping between corolla and a subtheme while trying to set things up (and eg. figure out why responsive design broke in my footheme-based subtheme), but I can make it stable for a bit to demonstrate this if it'd help.


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I have a similar problem:

I just moved my theme to Corolla 7.x-3.0-rc1 (which is a very nice theme btw!)

As you said in this issue #1275172: Support for automatic drop down main menu: "BTW, Corolla now supports drop menus in two regions - the classic Menu Bar region at the top, and in the Header region - if you drop a Superfish menu in there it will be automatically styled"
so I dropped my superfish (which is my main menu and has secondary items) in the menu bar, but it doesn't get styled automatically in the same way as when I drop directly the main menu in the menu bar (the problem is I didn't see my secondary menu items that is why I use superfish menu).

  • First case, I put directly the main menu in the menu bar.
  • Result: the main menu looks really nice, that is exactly the result I want, there is no dropdown option and the 2nd level menu items are turned into first level menu items.

  • Second case, I use superfish menu and attribute the main menu to it and I put it in the menu bar.
  • Result: there is a dropdown effect but, all the primary menu items are stack together, and they are styled like the links in a normal text, they are blue, not white and when you hover they turn orange and the background stay black. Seriously, it is ugly...

  • Third case, I create an external css file and put its path in the "Extra css" option field in the superfish menu settings, as explained here #1188032: Superfish: how to override default css style. And I copy in it the specific superfish css code you wrote in corolla/colors/colors.css
  • Result: now the menu texts are white, and hovering turns the background orange, but the menu items are still stack together and the height of the tab stays tiny.
    I tried to copy all the color.css code the the external css file but then the menu turns into the "second case style".

I enclose images


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sorry there is a mistake in the names of the images but you can guess which one corresponds to the case described.

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I noticed that if I drop the "user login block" into the header region then it is automatically themed but if I drop it into the menu-bar region it is not themed and shows like a link in a normal text body (bleu text that turns orange when you hover on it).

I hope it helps to figure out the problem.

I am speaking about the user menu and actually it is nicely automatically themed in both cases, in the menu-bar and in the header regions.
The "user login" block is not themed in both cases.
Sorry, I got confused.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.0-rc1

Hey, I found an easy workaround until corolla itself gets fixed; it looks like the css selectors are matching a "block-menu" class which isn't present on my superfish menu, so I simply added one myself.

Specifically, I went in Structure -> Blocks -> configure (the superfish menu block) -> Advanced HTML settings and for AROUND THE MAIN <UL> I entered: <div class="block-menu">,</div>

That works with 7.x-3.0-rc1 anyways.

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Never mind that workaround, there's a better (long term) fix at http://drupal.org/node/1783910#comment-6495542 - ie. just set the superfish menu style to "default" instead of "none". Thanks, Jeff!

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For me this almost works, but leaves a slight gap between the bottom of the menu item and the background menu bar, and also a gap between the items on the drop-down menu.

I tracked this down to navigation.css:

ul.menu li {
margin: 2px 0;
padding: 0;

Changing 2px to 0 makes this go away.

I noticed looking at http://adaptivethemes.com/demos/contrib/?theme=corolla that this particular css block doesn't seem to apply to the menu items there... is this something faulty in my configuration, or a more general bug caused by using the 'Default' superfish style?

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Hi guys,

I am trying to configure both Corolla theme and Superfish module but I am facing some issues,

1.- I can not set one superfish instead of the four as default. Ok. No problem, I select the first superfish
to deploy my menu.

2.- When I am trying to configure my first superfish, in Structure -> Blocks -> Superfish 1 -> configure, Superfish Settings -> Style I have just one option that is to None.

Forgetting the first question, what have I to do to add more style options to that drop-down menu?

I have been reading the entire thread an did not find answer for my issue. Please help.

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Issue summary: View changes

I'm seeing the same thing, but it's working fine in my test site in vagrant, so I was able to compare the two.

The difference is an extra CSS class attached to the ul element containing the menu. If the "menu" class is set in the ul, a 2px margin comes from navigation, just as reported in #15. In my vagrant site, there is no menu class. I am not sure exactly where the class is coming from. Maybe it's a different version of corolla?

If you remove the menu class from the ul using the developer tools in your browser, it will probably work.

So I think the long term fix is not to modify navigation.css, but to ensure the menu style is not there when superfish is used.

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Hi, the issue in #15 might be related to https://drupal.org/node/1157642 . My menus were working fine with superfish 7.x-1.8, but the gaps appear with superfish 7.x-1.9. As I said in #17, the difference is that the ul element has an additional class, "menu", which brings on a margin from navigation.css.

I could add a custom style to set the margin back to zero, but aren't "menu" and "sf-menu" at cross purposes? Is there any need for the "menu" style once superfish has been enabled?

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Hi again,

I have fixed the gap. In admin/appearance/settings/corolla, I turned on custom CSS extensions. Then I added this to the custom CSS style:

ul.menu.sf-menu li
margin: 0;