I recently migrated my site the upgraded Mollom to 6.x-2.0 and got the message "Invalid API keys" with the logs saying network errors.

I have seen this:



None of the suggestions work for me. However, downgrading Mollom to 6.x-1.16 fixes the problem.

My set up:

Drupal 6.x.26 on Apache (Redhat).

Has anyone else experienced this and found a work around. For now I have version 6.x-1.16 but would like to upgrade to 6.x-2.0

I have even recreated the public and private keys on Mollom.com but it did not fix the problem when on 6.x-2.0


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Can you double-check the server time on which your site is hosted?

Most often, the Invalid API keys error is caused by a too high offset of the server time. The time needs to be synchronized with world clocks.

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The solution above fixed my problem

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i'm having the same problem, but have whitelisted the services and have also set my server clock correctly to synch w/ the world clocks.

any other suggestions?


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Version: 6.x-2.0 » 6.x-2.x-dev
Category: support » bug

I'm changing this to a bug report. If the problem is the server's clock, the error message should not say the API keys are invalid.

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#1 worked for me too...thanks

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We've introduced better error handling for the server time offset problem in:
#1649326: Concise error messages in case the local server time is not synchronized with universal time

That patch hasn't been backported to 6.x-2.x yet, but I will try to do that as soon as possible (along with some other recent improvements from 7.x-2.x).