I quite like this module and make heavy use of it on my sites. At the moment, it re-runs a complete verification check upon each interaction. I have it on my registration page, profile edit/save page, and elsewhere. Given the expensive nature of contacting remote SMTP servers and the delay, I'd like to cache valid checks for a period of time.

I'll roll this up and submit a patch.

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... and here it is. Patched against 6.x-1.x-dev git as of today.

1) Add new database table that stores the $host (domain), when it was last checked, and if it passed the check or not.

2) Prior to checking a new domain, looks to see if we have previously validated it and it's within the cache period. If so, we return OK and don't re-check. If not, we check and save to the DB if the domain is OK.

3) Added a cron cleanup so the cache table prunes expired records.

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FYI, I am managing a fork of email_verify with this and a number of other patches here: