Hi all,

Not sure if this is a bug or more related to the rather poor host I'm (forced to) using.

Tried to configure boost, yet pasting the generated htaccess code in the htaccess returns a 500 internal server error.

I in fact need to outcomment RewriteRule .* - [S=1] for the error to go away and the pages reload again.

Does it in fact mean that the rewrite is not happening by outcommenting? And would it be possibly to do with the host I am on. I had to tweak some of the htaccess (not related to boost) for one.com does not allow overwrites of some of the htaccess for some obscure reasons.


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Forced in using one.com too and struggling with installation too.

Seems like outcommenting above isnt working anymore for latest drupal/boost (Drupal 7.19 / Boost 7.x-1.0-beta2)

Anyone who managed to get it working?

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Got boost working on one.com.

Changed Settings in /admin/config/system/boost/htaccess

Servers URL or Name: www.mysiteurl.com

Document Root: /path/to/my/httpd.www

my cache folder has 775 file attributes, and I had to delete the cache/normal directory again, before it started working. Prolly had some old incorrect file attributes in my cached files.