If i created a view page I only see the breadcrumb 'home', with 'Append page title' enabled.
But when i created a custom breadcrumb for the view i get the page title twice.
Home - View title - view title.
What is kinda normal because i give it the title as breadcrumb and it just appends the page title.

So it seems the bug is in the fact it doesn't append the page title on a views page.


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Facing the same problem. No page title being displayed for views page. Using path_breadcrumbs.

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Priority: Normal » Major
Issue summary: View changes

Same issue here. I'm also using path_breadcrumbs for a View and the view page title is not appended at the end of the breadcrumb.

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Any solution on this? I tried both path_breadcrumbs and veiws_breadcrumbs, with no luck.

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Can reproduce too.

Any workarounds?