I am getting just empty node body while editing the node if the node input filter is Filtered HTML.
On page load the content is in the text field. but after Editor loads, It is Empty.

Sorry If it is duplicate issue.


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Do u try to use Full HTML input format?
Try to disable filter "Limit allowed HTML tags" in Security section on CKEditor profile...

Also pls copy here your content in code tags - it would help us to see what u try to do.


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Full HTML input format is working.
It works only disabling all the security filters.

The content has nothing to verify. It is just a plain text. (I am trying to edit the node that is created before installing the CKeditor). and It is non english site.

Thank you

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I just cleared all my caches and that seemed to work if that helps anyone :)