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By default, Drupal Commerce lets users view a list of their orders at user/XX/orders and a specific order overview can be found at user/XX/orders/XX. It contains order ID, billing information, order items (line items), subtotal, taxes and order total.

The following are modules that extend the functionality to invoices and/or packing slips.

Module Description
Commerce Invoice Print This module fills a gap between Commerce Invoice and Print modules.
It allows developers to create in their theme a template file to be used for and only for Drupal Commerce order invoice print pages.
Commerce Invoice Obsolete. As of 22 May 2014, recommends Commerce Billy. Creates an Invoice entity for Drupal Commerce and gives you the possibility to choose how invoice numbers are generated. The main feature is dealing with Invoice Numbers. Creates a Rule that generates the invoice when the order status is set to 'Completed' (default, can be changed).
Commerce Order Invoice This differs from Commerce Invoice in that it uses existing entity types rather than introducing a new "invoice" entity type
Commerce Invoice Receipt Provides an additional 'Invoice' display for Commerce orders, as well as a Rules action to email this invoice out to customers.
Commerce PDF Invoice Provides a View for creating a PDF invoice from an order for Drupal Commerce.
It's built with the Views PDF module. The PDF invoice can easily be changed as it is a View
Commerce Invoices Creates the ability to send out invoices to clients and have them pay through a Drupal Commerce payment method.
Commerce Email Allows admins to set up email templates that get sent out to customers when an order is completed.
Commerce Billy Lightweight billing approach supporting invoice number generation and PDF export. It uses the commerce order entity to hold invoice information, including a separate "invoiced" status. The order number property is used for the invoice number.
Commerce Packing Slip Provides a customized order view to be used as a printable packing slip with a sub-tab on the administrative order view.

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