The group images view which I presume is supposed to show the latest images, and a link to a list of galleries, is empty, despite there being a group gallery posted.

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Marking as dupe of #1482880: Navigation/UI issues

Speaking of the sidebar, when looking at group-related content, events and announcements show up but not gallery or group posts. Is this as it should be?

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Switching the field formatter to 'gallery media' from 'media' in the 'group_images' view makes the images appear... but they're randomly sorted, and there is no page view to display more galleries.

Might this be better as a 'latest images' block, with a link to view the other galleries in the group? Maybe even have a site-wide page view as well of 'all galleries'?

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Done and done. The gallery block is now the 4 most recent images, and those images link to a listing of all galleries in a group, with a sitewide gallery listing at /galleries. Commit 430a831.

Still to do: Adjust the gallery context in julio_gallery_ui so that the gallery block appears on appropriate pages. Maybe add a gallery block to the homepage?

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AFAICT this is done.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.