Using a clean installation of D7 and Open Public Europe, the "Main page content" block in the Content region is not displayed. In fact, anything placed in that region is not displayed. Please see the attached image. I tested this in Firefox and IE, with all ad blockers disabled. In Firefox, the error console indicates no errors.


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I'm having the exact same problem, Promote to front page doesn't work either.
Also when I try to edit one of the previously created pages with the Admin account, the Edit option doesn't work!

@mjross; did you find a solution to this? it's been several months since you posted..

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I wonder if this theme works for anyone else? and if so, why it wouldn't work for others.
I hope we can get a solution quickly since I love this theme and hopefully I can use it.

I even downgraded it to a previous build and same issue.

See some options and suggestions on:

I guess this theme is abandoned and we need to find a replacement to it....until this bug is fixed.

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Category: bug » support
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I wouldn't consider this a bug. See: which is the screenshot. This theme doesn't use the default page.tpl.php file. It uses a custom page--front.tpl.php file. To have the default drupal front page you would have to work with copying page.tpl.php to page--front.tpl.php or figure out how to work page--front.tpl.php out of the theme. The latter may require working with template.php also if there are any references to it within the file.

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The process you mentioned is a bug in itself, because it doesn't work out-of-the-box and need extensive manipulation of the tpl files, which are not documented. Also a small misconfiguration is causing a lot of things to break in the theme, like inability to edit pages and margins out of place.
More than one person reported this issue.
I just wish it can be fixed so it would work as any other theme.
I wish I was a developer to be able to help.

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The content region does not display on home context but, you can put the required elements on Top of Content region.
Go to admin>structure>context>list>home, search the blocks form and put the elements there

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I found a fix for the exact same issue belonging to a different theme, Fiddle.

As sub-theme of Omega I finally found that if I cut the code from region-content.tpl.php from Omega into region-content.tpl.php for Fiddle, everything worked and the Fiddle content region worked as it's supposed to. (Copied and pasted all of the code as I have little idea what any of it means.)

Not a coder at all but the opening line of the Fiddle file was <?php if(!drupal_is_front_page()) which I hadn't seen elsewhere. Maybe this or a similar piece of code would show where the problem is.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the solution, I will try it. So what you are saying is that you copied the region-content.tpl.php file from one theme to another and it worked?

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PFA patch

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@Avani.bhut your patch works well.