Release info

Created by: moshe weitzman
Created on: March 23, 2012 - 20:25
Last updated: March 23, 2012 - 20:30
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

There is a year's worth of new stuff. We didn't track all the significant additions. We did post Change Notices as needed.

Some highlights are:

  1. The Drush Make project has been moved into Drush core. Remove any old on your system
  2. Shell aliases are like Git aliases for Drush. You can keep a list of alternate names and mini-scripts that are called just like drush commands.
  3. Bash completion for command names, site aliases, arguments, global options, and command specific options! See README.txt for install details.
  4. New runserver and quick-drupal commands. Quickly fire up a web server when you are in any Drupal codebase. No need to fiddle with Apache, vhosts, etc.
  5. New cache-* commands for set/get/clear of drupal cache items
  6. New commands for listing and running queues.
  7. New core-config command which lists config files and opens the selected one in your editor.
  8. New core-requirements command to get a status report from Drupal on the CLI
  9. Site-install now supports more complex install profiles on Drupal6 as well as Drupal7
  10. New site-ssh command which quickly zips you to a shell on a remote host.
  11. Usage tracking (optional). Turn on usage tracking to anonymously report back to the Drush team on what commands and options you are using.

Also, please run drush topic and read as much documentation there as possible. This is a great way to increase your Drush-fu