I have two custom blocks that I've added to the admin toolbar via the UI at admin/settings/admin - one is an actual defined menu consisting of links pulled from various views. The other is just a simple markup block, named "Store-specific Menu", designed to look like a menu (but has too many dynamic elements to work as a normal menu block). When I clear the cache, I get the message:

"The block Store-specific Menu was assigned to the invalid region admin_toolbar and has been disabled."

However the actual defined menu block of views links generates no such error. Here's my hook_block/list entry defining my markup block:

$blocks['store_menu'] = array(
'info' => 'Store-specific Menu',
'cache' => BLOCK_NO_CACHE, // Can't be cached because context can change at any time, affecting the hrefs
'weight' => 99,
'status' => 1, // enable from the get go
'visibility' => 1,
'pages' => 'storeadmin/*',

Wanting to know how I can have this remain a template-defined markup block without getting that warning message. Should I attempt to create the block via the UI and put raw PHP/HTML in it that is the equivalent of my template?