As per, I'm working on porting hostmaster.profile to the Profiler library.

The latest changes can be seen in the 'profiler' branch in my hostmaster sandbox:

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Status: Active » Needs review
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So far, this patch does the following:

  • downloads the Profiler library via the makefile
  • includes the necessary code in hostmaster.profile to use Profiler
  • moves module dependencies into
  • removes redundant profile details
  • sets a number of variables

There's plenty of dynamic variable setting and node creation that remains in hostmaster.profile. Profiler would suggest moving this into a hostmaster.install, but it works just fine as is. Having that run in a hook_install() may be necessary for sub-profiles, but I haven't tried that yet. It occurs to me that Provision's 'hostmaster-install' will likely have to be changed to support sub-profiles of hostmaster.

The only standard Profiler feature I haven't yet implemented is setting the theme. For anything else, we'll need to add something like Features (for role creation) or Context (for block placement). But I figure those should really have their own issues, should we want to pursue them.

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Okay, done, including moving the rest of the install code into hostmaster.install. Everything works as expected. New patch attached.

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This could probably go to separate branch like dev-profiler-6.x-2.x for testing first, before it will be committed to 6.x-2.x-dev?

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Sub-profiles using Profiler pretty much depends on #1468874: Split Eldir back out to a stand-alone project, since we'll need to include Hosting and Eldir. As a proof-of-concept, I have this working with Sandbox projects.

Unfortunately, it currently requires pulling most projects into a stub makefile due to #1252716: Makefiles with multiple profiles no longer grab like projects, so that they're available to all profiles. A move to Drush 5 seems to be what's required fix that.

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@ergonlogic - can you push this in a dev branch of hostmaster? Are you using this in production now?

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Status: Needs review » Closed (won't fix)

Actually, I wonder how relevant this remains. Its initial purpose was to allow easier creation of Aegir derivatives. Now that we've #1468874: Split Eldir back out to a stand-alone project and are looking to #1912134: split hosting in its standalone module, all we'll need to do is fork hostmaster. With #1261030: [meta] Roadmap: Aegir 3.x (D7 port) well under way, I don't see much reason to use Profiler anymore. Also, development on Profiler has slowed significantly.

Feel free to re-open, if anyone feels otherwise.