Make use of the Superfish module for instant drop menus and lots of configuration options. We should create a new region which will be able to host the Superfish Menu block with the appropriate style or any other Menu block.
If there is no Menu block inside the new region, the Corporate Clean will have the current behaviour with CSS drop-down menus. With this way all Drupal installations with Corporate Clean theme could be updated without any problems.


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Version: 7.x-1.3 » 7.x-1.4
Priority: Normal » Major
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Version: 7.x-1.4 » 7.x-1.5

It yould be great to have superfish menu support, thank you.

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Priority: Major » Critical
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Status: Active » Fixed

Corporate Clean 7.x-1.6 (and any future release) supports Superfish module. All these changes will be included in the next Corporate Clean release 7.x-1.6 (will be released at the end of this week) and in the next Corporate Clean release 7.x-2.0 with responsive layout (will be released at the end of the next week) -

In order to implement the Superfish menus in your Drupal installation with Corporate Clean theme, you should follow this guide.

Download Modules and Superfish Javascript library

1. Download and extract the Libraries module to sites/all/modules -
2. Download and extract the Superfish module to /sites/all/modules -
3. Create one extra folder with name "libraries" inside the sites/all folder, if this does not exist. Finally, the structure should be sites/all/libraries.
4. Download the Superfish library (for v1.8 use the library v1.1 and extract it to sites/all/libraries/superfish (so that the superfish.js will be located at

Finally, the folder structure should be like this:

  • sites/all/modules/superfish (the Superfish module)
  • sites/all/modules/libraries (the Libraries module)
  • sites/all/libraries/superfish (the Superfish JavaScript)

Install modules

5. Enable the Superfish and Libraries modules through the Modules page of your Drupal installation (Home » Administration » Modules).

Basic Configuration

6. Superfish module uses the Drupal block system. Therefore, after the installation Superfish module has already created 4 Superfish blocks, which you can access through the Blocks configuration page (Home » Administration » Structure » Blocks). You will notice that the first one has the name "Superfish 1 (Superfish)" and this is by default connected with the Main menu. Click the configure link, set the Title "<none>", enable the "Auto-arrows" option and finally place this block to the "Navigation" region.


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